Is your landscape design company struggling to get new clients?

The cycle of bidding, drawing designs, presenting and even watching your awesome ideas come to fruition. Then the cycle begins again...except now you’re waiting.

Waiting for referrals.

Waiting for the phone to ring.

I get it. You have a high-quality product with years of experience behind you. You have grown your business to a point where your team and your systems are top-notch.

When you talk to people, they love your energy, spirit and even what you provide.

...but something's not quite right.

You have all the gear, thousands invested. You have many really satisfied clients who love your work.

But you feel stuck, like you’re in a loop and you can’t seem to break through.

- Referrals are not coming in like they were before.

- Home Advisor is giving you leads that they sent to so many other designers.

- You’re tired of $1k jobs, people who want a few trees and that’s it.

- You are also tired of marketing agencies with wacky ideas and empty promises.

You Just Want Results.

Sound familiar?

I get it.

At the end of the day Landscape Designers are looking for:

More high ticket clients.

More revenue.

A healthy, steady monthly growth

Landscape Design companies that have this all have one thing in common: They make it their top priority to invest into their business, which in turn positions them as the go-to in the area. Even better - they're positioned directly in front of prospective clients who are ACTIVELY searching for them... These clients are wanting to spend that 5-10 percent of their home value. For a $600,000 home, that’s between $30k to $60k for their landscaping projects.

That's why we crafted & honed in our L..D..A.S. program.

The #1 acquisition method for landscape designers and companies that consistently pulls in new clients, willing to get that complete home plan.

So that your business will grow healthily, while you get to focus on doing what you do best:

Serving your homeowners at the highest level possible!

If you're a landscape designer or stakeholder, and you want to finally stop:

- blowing thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising - buying cheap, low-quality leads from third party vendors - waiting on referrals

And finally be able to scale your business and reach your goals...

Then reach out, and let’s talk.

- Tim Miller

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